Week 4 – I have a Facebook Double sharing my name!

I used SocialMention tonight and discovered an activist within USA with the same name as me!  Tried to set up a Google Alert but how do you set  up the phrase  “firstname surname” as it is currently looking for every occurrence of “firstname” and “surname”!

Going to explore this aspect further.  Perhaps I need to change my online identity to include the initial of my middle name?

How do people with popular names – eg John Smith – cope?


Getting Feedback?

Is anybody reading my blog?  I know it is rather bland but it is my first public blog!    To be a blogger don’t you need a creative flair for writing about something?  I know my style of writing is concise and not fluffy, and perhaps this style of writing is a turn off?


Week 3 – Using Google+

I already had a Google account which I very rarely use.  Why?  I have heard of too many incidents when google accounts got hacked so I am put off using Google in whatever form.  Hence I would not be looking to use it professionally.

I do have a LinkedIn account but I do not use this either as I get too many spam messages from it.   Nor do I use Facebook!

I think I will stick with Twitter for my social networking “fix”.  Its much easier to follow “conversations”.  Am I the only one to think this?

Week 2 – Creating Pages using WordPress

I have not found using WordPress easy to use, but I think I am now getting the hang of it now that I have discovered the “log in” link on the side bar.   I have also switched to using the PC instead of the iPad and I believe WordPress is behaving more consistently now.   I have also managed to change the theme as I did not like the big photo on the front that was supplied, though I am not entirely happy with the one I am using now.   It would take time to browse through all the themes to find and customise the blog look, and time is a bit short at the moment.  Obviously, a professional blog would require an investment of time, but I am not entirely convinced that I want to do one right now.

Creating the pages was not too bad – the notes were very helpful – thank you.  I can see the value of having static pages to complement the dynamic blog.  I looked at Andy’s blog and noted his use of static pages,  I like his blog appearance too.

I have used the VLE’s Blog function, and it is much simpler to use than WordPress but not as exciting in its appearance.

I think to have an online blog or website you need to be clear in your purpose.   I do follow Steve Wheeler’s blog as he talks about learning technologies which is my area of expertise.  There are thousands of websites about learning technologies already so to set  set up yet another blog website about learning technologies  will require something special to make people to want to read my blog.   Perhaps I need to be happy to be a lurker and just enjoy reading other people’s blogs, or to consider a completely different topic.

A little bit about me……

I am on this course for my own professional development, but I also have an interest in using the Internet online.    The Internet is such a great resource for anything, and I use it daily!    

I have blogged before – on an university’s VLE, and I was the tutor running the course blog.    This was in a closed environment and I had a purpose for this blog – supporting the students.    I’m not that fussed about having my own blog – though that may change – but I do realise that a blog is a great place for reflection as it makes me articulate my thoughts which then confirms my learning.   I can also see that a blogging platform can be an important part of an online identity if you wanted to promote yourself, though I think promote is the wrong word for academia!   I regularly follow Steve Wheeler’s blog (http://steve-wheeler.blogspot.co.uk/), and dip into others.

With regard to using WordPress, it is not as intuitive as I would like.   I still have not fathomed out how to change the huge image on my page, whilst still keeping the theme.  I’ll get there eventually.

It’s happening! I’m writing my own public blog!

Let’s go for it – I said to myself, but it was a long-winded process to set up the blog! Mind you, it was not WordPress’s fault.  I had forgotten I had set up a blog on WordPress 3 years ago in connection with a project I was working on but it had an old username which I did not like!   I decided to start afresh and set up a new WordPress account and use a different email (and professional) address.

Actually setting up the blog was not too bad, but lets have a look and see what MY BLOG looks like …..